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Covid-19 & The Affect On Your Body

t's widely known that the new coronavirus attacks patients' lungs, but clinicians and researchers around the world are reporting that the virus is damaging other organs, as well—a discovery that could have implications for the way doctors treat Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, and for how patients recover. Cardiac injuries reported in almost half of critically ill Covid-19 patients In addition to the widely reported lung injuries associated with Covid-19, clinicians around the world are reporting that the disease also could be causing cardiac injuries in patients that sometimes lead to cardiac arrest. According to the Washington Post, health care workers in China and New York have

8 Vital Rules For Your Kidneys

What can you do for your kidneys? Kidney diseases are silent killers, which can largely affect your quality of life. There are several ways to reduce the risk of developing kidney disease. Keep fit, Be active This can help to maintain an ideal body weight, reduce your blood pressure and the risk of Chronic Kidney Disease. The concept “On the move for kidney health” is a worldwide collective march involving the public, celebrities and professionals moving across a public area by walking, running and cycling. Why not join them – by whatever means you prefer! Check out the events section of the WKD website for more information. Eat a healthy diet This can help to maintain an ideal body weight,


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