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What Is A Nephrologist?

A nephrologist is a physician who studies and deals with nephrology. Nephrology is the adult and pediatric study of the kidneys and its diseases. The nephrologist deals with the diagnosis and management of kidney disease. The kidneys are vital for maintaining normal fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. Diseases affecting the kidneys Diseases including diabetes and high blood pressure also affect the kidney adversely and it is a nephrologist who deals with preventing and treating renal damage caused by these systemic or whole body diseases as well. Nephrologists deal with kidney disorders including: fluid and electrolyte disorders acid-base disorders kidney stones glomerular diseases tu

When You Should See A Kidney Doctor

Nephrologists are physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease. What conditions are treated by a kidney doctor, and when is a referral to one of these specialists needed? Kidney Disease Overview If you haven't heard about nephrology (the study of kidney disease) before, it's not surprising. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is often referred to as the "silent killer," as many people have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all when they are diagnosed. There are many different terms which can be used to describe kidney disease which can add to the confusion. As noted above, Nephrologists are doctors who treat kidney disease, with the Greek term "nephros" meaning kidneys.


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