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How Will I Feel On Dialysis?

Does dialysis hurt? Dialysis itself does not hurt. In hemodialysis the needles may hurt going in, but they should stop hurting after that. You can ask for numbing medicine before you get the needle sticks if they bother you. Many people get used to the needles in time. Painful muscle cramps can happen during hemodialysis, especially if you gain a lot of fluid weight between treatments. Your care team can help stop the cramps when they happen and work with you to keep them from happening again. You can help by following your fluid limits and learning about dialysis. In peritoneal dialysis (PD), abdominal pain can be a sign of an infection called peritonitis. Some people who do PD with a cycle

Why Are Your Kidneys So Important?

Your kidneys are important because they do three essential things: 1. Kidneys regulate water For your body to work properly, it must contain just the right amount of water. One of the important jobs of the kidneys is to remove excess water from the body or to retain water when the body needs more. 2. Kidneys remove waste products and help to balance the body's minerals Many of the substances in the blood and other body fluids must be kept at the correct level for the body to function properly. For example, sodium (salt) and potassium are minerals that come from food. The body needs these minerals for good health, but they must be kept at certain levels. When the kidneys are working properly


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