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What is Dialysis and Peritoneal Access Dialysis?

Dialysis and Peritoneal Access Dialysis In end-stage kidney disease, kidney functions can be replaced only by dialysis or by kidney transplantation. The planning for dialysis and transplantation is usually started in stage 4 of chronic kidney disease. Most patients are candidates for both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis (see below). There are few differences in outcomes between the two procedures. Our physicians or educator will discuss the appropriate options with the patient and help them make a decision that will match their personal and medical needs. It is best to choose a modality of dialysis after understanding both procedures and matching them to one's lifestyle, daily activitie

Common Questions About Kidney Disease

What Is Chronic Kidney Disease? Chronic kidney disease occurs when one suffers from gradual and usually permanent loss of kidney function over time. This happens gradually, usually over months to years. Chronic kidney disease is divided into five stages of increasing severity: Stage I: Slight damage to the kidney(s) damage Stage II: Mild decrease in kidney function Stage III: Moderate decrease in kidney function Stage 4: Severe decrease in kidney function Stage 5: Kidney failure With loss of kidney function, there is an accumulation of water, waste, and toxic substances in the body that are normally excreted by the kidney. Loss of kidney function also causes other problems such as anemia, hi


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